Below is a general guide of where I obtained the information contained in this blog.  However,  a lot of the references were used in more than one topic but didn't want to repeat the listing (i.e. a study from one link was used for material on both "radiation" and "costs of nuclear power"). 

Radiation is Everywhere
LNT Model - TV Documentary “Nuclear Nightmares” BBC Horizon 2006
Youtube (RT News) Thorium

The LNT Model

LNT and Chernobyl
Health Physics Society
Report to US Senate June 2000
French Academy of Sciences report
NRC report on French Academy report
Newspaper Article
NAS misled about LNT

Book - 'Power to Save the World: The Truth about Nuclear Energy', book by Gwyneth Craven  2007
Fear Mongering about Nuclear Power
Japanese Water Leak in perspective

Chris Busby selling radiation pills (snakeoil)
Chris Busby conspiracy theories (5:00 minutes in)
Chris Busby falsified cancer cluster study in Wales


Power source death rates

Cancers around Nuclear Plants
German Kikk study flawed

Fossil Fuels
Special Waste Exemption
Germany increased CO2 2 years in a row
Germany battles to keep fossil fuels open
Germanys Increasing CO2


Nuclear Power Green House Gas Emissions
Emissions -

Nuclear Power

2002 forum Report on Chernobyl
Fukushima BBC TV Documentary "Is Nuclear Power Safe"
Nuclear Expansion of Output
Nuclear Power Saves Lives Pushker A. Kharecha, James E. Hansen. Prevented Mortality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Historical and Projected Nuclear Power. Environmental Science & Technology, 2013
Nuclear Power Insurance
Death rates by energy source
Nuclear power saves lives (2)
Nuclear Power Growth -
Job creation etc etc

Greenhouse Emissions

UN Says We Need Nuclear and Renewables (April 2014)
UN on Climate Change

Nuclear Power Plant Outages

Low Radiation levels, Hormesis & Ramsar
High Radiation levels in health spas
Shipyard Workers
Shipyard Workers
Shipyard Workers Study Summary
E. Cardis, et al., 1996. “Effects of Low Doses and Low Dose Rates of External Ionizing Radiation: Cancer Mortality Among Nuclear Industry Workers in Three Countries,” Radiat. Res., Vol. 145, p. 647.
C.J. Maletskos, 1994. “Radium in Man—20 Years Later,” ANS Transactions, Vol. 71, p. 33.
Radium Girls
Fukushima Health Study 
Nukes In My Backyard,  No Big Deal 
Problems in Belaraus 
Ramsar, no need to relocate residents - 
Stanford Fukushima Study
Berkeley Lab Researchers Find Evidence Suggesting Risk May Not Be Proportional to Dose at Low Dose Levels

Nuclear Waste & Waste Disposal
Spent Fuel Reprocessing in France
Senate Report must move forward with Yucca -
GAO report on Yucca -
GAO Yucca -
Slate: Why did Yucca Fail? -
Yucca Mountain -
Yucca Mountain -

Solar Panel Toxic Waste

Nuclear Power Subsidies

Solar Power Subsidies

"Wind turbines only last half as long"

Nuclear Radiation
Cancer Rates
New England Journal of Medicine
Chernobyl Congenital Anomalies
Chernobyl damage to bird populations
Low Dose Modeling Cancer -
Radiation at Fukushima not as bad as thought
Fukushima and Chernobyl Compared
Trip Advisor - Chernobyl Tours
The Age, Fukushima,  no one dead
Birth Defect not found in BIER VII Report
Exposures and Effects of Chernobyl
BEIR VII Report -

Costs of Low-Carbon Generation Technologies
Book – Sustainable Nuclear Power (Galen J. Suppes,  2006)
Nuclear cheaper than solar 1 -
Nuclear cheaper than solar 2 -
Solar PV electricity produced in Germany
Lowest electricity prices in Nuclear powered France
Nuclear Power Costs Compared,-Operation,-Waste-Disposal-Life-Cycle/Monthly-Fuel-Cost-to-US-Electric-Utilities,-Operation,-Waste-Disposal-Life-Cycle
World Energy Organisation 2013 -

Nuclear Warheads as Fuel

US/Russian agreement

Nuclear Technology
Electricity demand growth around world (stats – Other energy sources page (renewable)
Capacity Factors -
Book – Science and Technology in World History (Dorn McClellan, 2006)
Thorium LFTR
Westinghouse AP1000 

UK Study
Committee on Oversight & Government Reform
Renewables in Germany
Wind Power Overestimated (Havard Study)
Myths About Renewable Energy

Security and Terrorist attack
Plane crashing into nuclear wall
Understanding Risk
Risks of Plutonium exposure

The Media

Media irresponsibily reporting Chernobyl
6 foot Chernobyl Chicken reported
Fukushima scaremongers

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